Friday, November 18, 2011

Headlice and Construction Projects: Guatemala

Challenge after challenge comes our way here in Latin America. The most recent challenge has been a huge epidemic of headlice that nearly everyone on our team has been dealing with. We are staying at a children's center for special needs boys and girls and our team has been combing through eachother's hair, checking for lice, shampooing, and removing lice and eggs.

As well as loving on all of the children here, we have also been trying to make the best of our time by engaging in construction projects needed around the place. We were able to paint a wall for them as well as build a set of shelves. Tomorrow we leave for El Salvador minus our Dodge Durango that again is in the shop for repairs to it's transmission.
Christian Jung

Dangerous Challenges Teaching Us Trust: Guatemala

The only transmission mechanic specialist in the whole northern area of Guatemala was able to go find the parts needed to rebuild our transmission. After waiting a week for the repairs we were finally ready to move on to our next destination in Guatemala, an orphanage in a city a day’s drive south of us. After fifty miles our rebuilt transmission went out and only first gear continued working. We called the mechanic who refused to come down and help sort out why his work didn’t work. So with no other options we continued for hundreds of miles in first gear with our caravan of five vehicles and campers. We camped the first night on the way and continued our journey all the following day as well. That evening as we entered a small remote town on the way people gave us directions and we figured that by the map we would make it soon and not have to drive too much at night which we have been frequently warned against here in Guatemala. We soon found ourselves on a small bumpy dirt road climbing mountains. We hoped the roads would turn better but it only got continuously worse for hours into the night. Roads worse than any Africa jungle track we’ve experienced being visited by our two RV’s, SUVs’ pulling tent trailers, and a low riding Buick station wagon.

On the way up this first narrow steep rocky mountain passage one of the trailer tires popped and was wrecked twisted underneath and off the rim. There was no other spare, this was the spare, and the other one had already popped earlier that day. There was no way to turn around, there were not many options other than to pull it on its rim or leave it behind. Ben and I ran up to the vehicles waiting about ¾ miles ahead to get help and tools. Many crazed dogs jumped out from the bushes and chased us the whole way. We threw rocks, even a tire iron but it seemed there were not enough rocks. As we ran up this mountain with dogs barking and growling at our heals every time I turned my head back all we saw was dozens of glowing eyes right behind us from the glare of my head lamp. When we unhitched the other camper to have the Durango taxi us back because the dogs, Taylor and Victor had miraculously fixed the tire. They had found a rock to beat the rim back into shape and some string to tighten the broken tire to the rim and with a can of fix a flat and our small compressor had the trailer ready to go again. I wanted to turn back seeing how it was constantly getting worse and then one young man passing by said it was only forty minutes further to the next small town. . Many hours later we realized he was wrong.

We winded back and forth up and down steep mountain slopes. The road was often muddy and slippery on the edge of high steep cliffs. The drivers had to stay very alert especially because of many areas where the road had fallen off as a landslide over the cliff. Sometimes the danger was so high because of drop offs on both sides of the road that I even had all the passengers exit the motor home and walk and I drove solo because of high chance of vehicle plummeting over the edge. We noticed that the rear vehicles had stopped again and I got out walking back to them. Just then Gillian comes running up the mountain towards us shouting, “Come quick! The vehicle is falling off a cliff.” We ran down to find that the Suburban pulling a tent trailer was on the edge of a cliff stuck with the soft edge breaking away underneath. With all the manpower we could muster we tried to push the vehicle forward and back onto the road but the tires just spun sending the vehicle nearer to no return. We unhooked the trailer and were able to get the vehicle along back on the road and then with everyone working together we lifted the trailer and pushed it up a steep hill to where we could find traction and reconnect it. We were successful; How? I honestly don’t know.

It was in the middle of the night and we didn’t think we could endure anymore but locals warned us not to stay the night in those mountains because it was not safe. Everything was flying everywhere in the motor homes and people got injured just by falling objects and falling down. The bottoms of the vehicles were hitting the bumps so often with no way to avoid it, not being able to stop in the muddy holes. We completely wrecked our sewage tank unrepairably meaning no working toilet in our RV unless we find new sewage tanks for sale somewhere. We finally arrived in the middle of the night surprised that we had made it and found a rundown hotel full of roaches and mildew. As soon as we had made it down the last steep mountain and entered into this old town the brakes in our motor home and the station wagon over heated and stopped working. If that had happened a few minutes earlier we wouldn’t be here writing the story. But God allowed it to happen once we arrived in this town to show us that He had been with us the whole time protecting us. We slept okay regardless of the gunfire and horns blowing, and other strange noises. In the midst of all the dangerous and stressful circumstances, most all of our team had great attitudes and joy.

We are overjoyed to be missionaries and these last couple days reminded us of many similar experiences around the world that we have had while carrying this Gospel to the darkest places. It is all worth it from eternity’s perspective! We are now at the orphanage making it by mid-afternoon on our third day of travel. We have a transmission mechanic coming tomorrow to look at the Durango. Pray he is better than the last one. We hope to be heading over the border to El Salvador within the next couple days. Please keep all of our team in your prayers.

Written by The Gellatly's

Sunday, November 13, 2011

You Better Belize It!!!!

Iris Latin America in Belize with Godfrey (top row 4th from the left)

As soon as we crossed the boarder into Corozal, Belize it was so different.  It was a nice change from Mexico and we looked forward to whatever the Lord wanted to do while there, as we had no contacts and no plans at all.  We found an RV park not far from the boarder and there we stayed for a few days, getting to know the locals and the culture.  While there we had the privilage to get to know many in the area, but one in particular captured our hearts.  A few of the guys first met Godfrey while he tried to get money or something to eat and they began to tell the stories of what the Lord did in Mexico.  He was amazed and wanted to know more, so the next day a few of us went to the town center (where alcoholics and drug addicts hang out at night) to talk with some of the people and thats when I first met him.  He was so glad to see us white people and had been waiting for us.  As I began to listen to his story, I knew that he was different.  He had been a drug addict most of his life, on and off the streets and his family was tired of the person he had become and was not allowed to be around.  He said that he was ready to give up this life and start over, he was already a day sober and needed clothes and food.  After talking with him most of the night, we agreed to meet the next day so that I could bring him clothes and he could show us to the hospital to pray for the sick. 
The next day Christian and I picked him up and decided to bring him to camp to pray with us before we left for the hospital and I gave him a bunch of new clothes.  After praying, we left for the hospital only to find out visiting hours were over and we would have to come back the next day, instead we went door to door praying for whoever we saw.  The next morning we all went to the hospital to pray for the sick, Godfrey came too.  I prayed for expecting mothers, babies and the womens ward.  While in the womens ward Natalie and I came across a woman who had been sick for a few days as a result of drinking bad water.  We began to pray for her and witness her healing.  She sat up at first, something she couldn't do before and then she began to take deep breaths, something she couldn't do before.  Her pain disappeared and she was ready to leave after we prayed for her, and all in front of Godfrey who had known the woman for years.  He was in awe and couldn't beleive what he had witnessed. God is so good!
Praying for the woman that was healed. Yay God!
We ended up taking Godfrey with us through Belize, believing that the Lord would connect him with the right people along the way and for a job.  Godfrey became apart of our family and by the time we had to leave Belize, by divine appointment, the Lord gave Godfrey a place to stay and a job.  We are staying connected with him, praying for him and trusting that the Lord will finish the works He has started.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Mexico City roof top
 While in Mexico we got to meet so many amazing people and see the Lord moving all throughout Mexico.  We got to minister in the dumps of Mexico City, in the streets of mountain villages and in many local churches.  We went door to door praying for the sick, handing out the bible on CD in spanish and other tribal languages and handed out bread and clothing.
  In a village outside of Guadalajara, we were invited to share at a meeting in the streets.  After worship we shared some testimonies and began to pray for those who needed healing.  I felt led to pray for a lady who had a growth on her neck.  As I prayed the pain began to leave and we prayed more asking the Lord to complete the healing and shrink the growth.  By the end of the night she had no pain and the growth had shrunk! The same night many people were healed, filled with the Holy Spirit and gave their lives to Jesus!  It was a great time!

A little guy keeping a close eye on us
 We were able to visit 2 dumps in Mexico City, the first was closed but we were able to minister from the outside.  We went door to door praying for people and inviting them to a meeting where we would hand out bread and the bible on CD.  About 40 people came to the first and nearly all gave their lives to Jesus.  We also got to pray for a father and his sons, he was so touched he began to weep.  The 2nd dump was smaller but we were able to go in and minister to those who lived there.  Yes, people live at the dump!  We handed out clothes and food and were able to pray for a girl who couldn't move her arm in a certain direction and when we left it was much better.  The conditions that these people live in was unbelieveable and heartbreaking.  Even kids were being raised there, alongside packs of hungry dogs and a stench that stayed in our clothes. 
As we continue our journey we are praying for all that we have met and the ones we will meet.  Praying for favor as we head into Belize and open hearts and open doors in every village we're in. 

New friend in Autopan, Veracruz

Beautiful people in Veracruz

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Along the way!

A few shots from the road trip, both are in Oregon,  Mt. Hood is below.  So beautiful on the west coast!

This was taken on our way back from the reunion in Pismo Beach, when we got 2 hours off track.  But if we hadn't, I wouldn't have seen this!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Things to come

Hello All

It has been awhile since I last posted but I need to be and will be more consistant :)  Most of you know that I am leaving for Mexico and South America soon under the covering of Iris Ministries.  The preparations for this trip thus far have been forcing me to trust in the Lord completely, which will most likely be the same for the trip itself.  Its funny how it can be so hard to give up control but at the same time it feels so liberating!  I know that on this trip the Lord is going to be doing amazing things.  We have been praying that the Lord would prepare the way for us and prepare the hearts of those we will encounter.  I wanted to invite each of you to join us in prayer for open hearts and open doors, creative miracles and for the love of the father to impact all we meet.  We want to be completely led by the Holy Spirit and for Him to use us as He sees fit. 

Below is a letter that I sent out to friends and family, if you feel led to support financially, any information that you would need is on the letter and would be much appreciated! 

July 31, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,                              

            First off, I just want to say thank you for all of the emotional, spiritual and financial support you gave me during my mission’s trip to Africa with Iris Ministries this past year.  We were able to see thousands of lives changed by the Love that never fails.  On Christmas day we fed over 3,200 children with a chicken dinner, something that is a real treat for them.  We went into the villages, prayed for the sick, fed thousands of Ethiopian and Somalian refugees and even baptized 30 Africans in an elephant watering hole (the elephants weren’t thereJ).  It was truly a life changing experience, one that will never be forgotten. 
            While in Africa, I met some amazing people and we began meeting and preparing for a trip throughout Mexico, Central and South America.  This trip will be approximately a year long beginning September 11th, 2011, however I will leave for the west coast to meet up with the team and prepare the vehicles mid-August. We will be caravanning through each country along the way to visit various mission bases to help and minister to the missionaries as well as the unreached people groups within the mountains and jungles of South America.  Our vision is to go farther than our vehicles can take us and reach as many as we can, trusting that the Lord will do amazing things!    
            As I prepare to pack for this year long journey, I am also preparing for the expenses that come along with this once in a lifetime ministry opportunity.  Each of you have played an important role in my life thus far and I would like to invite you to continue your support through both finances and prayer.  If you would like to lend your support they will be tax deductible, as I have partnered with CMM, Christ’s Mandate for Missions. You can send monthly or one time donations, with my name included in the memo and checks made out to CMM, to the address below or by visiting: and clicking on the donate button.  If you are able to support me monthly, you will receive monthly receipts for your donations.

P.O. Box 7705
Charlotte, NC 28241

I will try to keep an updated blog while I am gone, although I am unsure of how much internet access I will have.  The best way to find out more is by checking out our group blog.  My personal blog is:
The group blog is:

Thank you again for your love, support, and prayers.



Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Post!!!

Well here it is, my very first blog.  It is something I've been meaning to do for awhile now but just didn't get around to.  My vision for this blog is to journal the encounters of Love in both everyday life and among the mission field.  I guess even everyday life is a mission in itself, whether in a line at your favorite coffee shop or a friend just needing to talk.  We are called to love, whatever it may look like. 

Something I've been making a point to do is meeting with my aunt at least once a week in attempts to love her and guide her.  Growing up I always looked up to her and most of my family for their strength and goodness.  She like many, has been through alot in her life and became a little disconnected in the process.  She needed a friend, someone to relate to, someone to encourage her.  We have met several times, sometimes we talk about the Lord and what we can be doing to get deeper and other times we talk about family or creative ideas we have.  This is all a process of building up our relationship, something that the Lord really values.

I guess I just wanted to encourage you with this first blog to maybe step out a little more and see where the Lord takes you.  His plan for us is good.  We are born to love.