Saturday, October 15, 2011


Mexico City roof top
 While in Mexico we got to meet so many amazing people and see the Lord moving all throughout Mexico.  We got to minister in the dumps of Mexico City, in the streets of mountain villages and in many local churches.  We went door to door praying for the sick, handing out the bible on CD in spanish and other tribal languages and handed out bread and clothing.
  In a village outside of Guadalajara, we were invited to share at a meeting in the streets.  After worship we shared some testimonies and began to pray for those who needed healing.  I felt led to pray for a lady who had a growth on her neck.  As I prayed the pain began to leave and we prayed more asking the Lord to complete the healing and shrink the growth.  By the end of the night she had no pain and the growth had shrunk! The same night many people were healed, filled with the Holy Spirit and gave their lives to Jesus!  It was a great time!

A little guy keeping a close eye on us
 We were able to visit 2 dumps in Mexico City, the first was closed but we were able to minister from the outside.  We went door to door praying for people and inviting them to a meeting where we would hand out bread and the bible on CD.  About 40 people came to the first and nearly all gave their lives to Jesus.  We also got to pray for a father and his sons, he was so touched he began to weep.  The 2nd dump was smaller but we were able to go in and minister to those who lived there.  Yes, people live at the dump!  We handed out clothes and food and were able to pray for a girl who couldn't move her arm in a certain direction and when we left it was much better.  The conditions that these people live in was unbelieveable and heartbreaking.  Even kids were being raised there, alongside packs of hungry dogs and a stench that stayed in our clothes. 
As we continue our journey we are praying for all that we have met and the ones we will meet.  Praying for favor as we head into Belize and open hearts and open doors in every village we're in. 

New friend in Autopan, Veracruz

Beautiful people in Veracruz

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