Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From Panama to Colombia!

Happy New Year from Bogota, Colombia!

I hope that this update finds you well and that you’ve had an amazing holiday season!  I feel that this year will be the best yet and that a season of refreshment is on its way.

A hectic border crossing day into Panama
                While in Panama we teamed up with YWAM Panama City and a local church located in Gamboa, a small area outside of the city.  We were involved in all types of ministry opportunities including; village outreach, prison guard and police academy services, church services, inner city ministry and a radio talk show.  We also were attempting to get our vehicles on a boat to Cartegena, Colombia because the area between Panama and Colombia, known as the Darien Gap, is Guerilla territory and quite treacherous.

Our team leading worship at the Gamboa church
   One of our first days in Panama we went into the city, to one of the most dangerous parts where even the police are afraid to go.  We weren’t really sure what we were going to do when we got there but some awesome stuff happened.  I was standing in the back of the room and was led to pray for a young man.  As I began to pray I called a few guys from our team over to help.  The guys felt like they were supposed to roar like a lion into his chest, the young man said it was okay with a smirk on his face.  A few days later we were given an update on this young man and when we roared into his chest he had a vision of what his life would be if he continued to live the way he was.  He said that he was in hell and burning and as a result he gave his life to Jesus and is now involved in ministry!  The night we prayed for him he was supposed to do a robbery but because the Lord touched him he didn’t go.

The same night another group of people were praying for a lady who had been bound to her wheel chair for a year as a result of TB.  After praying for a bit they encouraged her to try and stand, she stood up.  Then they encouraged her to walk and she did!  She did a lap around the room with everyone’s eyes glued to her, when she got back to her wheelchair they asked it she needed to sit and rest but she didn’t want to.  A few days after they said she is still walking.  Wooohooo! 


Within the walled city in Cartegena, Colombia
where we picked up our vehicles 
    While in Panama we spent 7 days trying to get our vehicles shipped to Colombia.  Most of those days we ran back and forth between the port and the city which was an hour away, going to offices trying to get documents in order, inspections and not really sure how we were going to pay for it all, which totaled over $12,000!  Throughout the week we continued to go forward with the process not knowing if we could pay for it.  The day that we were supposed to have the payment we found out that an anonymous donation came in for $12,000 and we were able to put our vehicles on the next ship!

So many amazing things happened in Panama and we truly loved being there and teaming up with David Allen Tracy and staff at YWAM Panama City.