Friday, March 30, 2012

Colombia: Cartegena to Cali

Greetings from Cali!  Here is just a highlight of what has been happening here in beautiful Colombia.
             After shipping our vehicles we flew to Cartegena, Colombia to await there arrival and meet up with our Colombian friends, who drove from Cali to meet us.  We spent Christmas in Cartegena, most of us skypeing and calling family from a nearby mall, followed by a somewhat traditional Christmas dinner.  Once we heard the vehicles had arrived I spent a good deal of my time with the other vehicle owners trying to get them from the port.  You might think that it’d be easier getting the vehicles back but it took just as much time as putting them on.  We walked back and forth to customs offices, inspection offices and the port trying to figure out what needed to be done in order to have our cars back and drive to Bogota.  It was all very confusing and took days to complete but we arrived with our vehicles late one night and left early the next day for Bogota. 
We were told the drive to Bogota may be dangerous because of recent flooding, but it was surprising pleasant and beautiful with little traffic.  It took 17 hours to get there which was split into two days.  We arrived on New Year’s eve and parked on some land right next to a restaurant on the outskirts of Bogota where we had an incredible view of the city.  We saw the fireworks over Bogota at midnight and had a great time together as a team.
One of the highlights of Bogota was going to the red light district to minister to the prostitutes and transvestites, showing them true love and not the physical.  We were able to bless many of the men and women working and passing by and when we began to pray for one of the ladies who was ministering with us she was healed of breast cancer.  She had a lump that she could feel and after we prayed the lump was gone!  We have been keeping in touch with her and after a doctor visit it was confirmed  that she is now cancer free!!! 
In Cali we had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow Iris Alumni and ministering  in churches, prisons, villages and in the red light district.  It was amazing to partner up the a local church, Rey De Reyes, and minister along-side, we were truly blessed by everyone we met and ministered with.  One of my favorite times ministering was in the largest prison in Colombia.  We weren’t even supposed to get in and minister because of time restrictions but we got in and had an amazing time with the women.  Several of us shared something that the Lord put on our hearts and we all prayed together and again for each individual women, we saw hope return to their eyes and all left with a smile and a hug.  We were sad to leave Colombia but so thankful for all that the Lord did.

Sorry this blog go up so late, thought I had already published it, whoops :)

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